Shri Pramod Jhaveri Foundation


Our team is dedicated to working towards providing Clean Water and Sanitation. We are committed to ensuring access to safe and affordable water and sanitation for all, promoting water conservation, and protecting water ecosystems for a sustainable future.

Working towards Clean Water and Sanitation in rural areas is crucial for improving the well-being and quality of life for the communities living there.In rural areas, people often rely on natural water sources like rivers, streams, and wells. Ensuring that these sources are clean and free from contamination is vital to prevent waterborne diseases and improve overall health.

Our Initiatives

Water Treatment: We implement water treatment solutions such as filtration, chlorination, or UV treatment which can help purify water and make it safe for consumption.

Sanitation Facilities: We access to proper sanitation facilities like toilets and latrines is essential to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases. We help and encourage the construction of hygienic sanitation facilities.

Awareness and Education: We conduct awareness campaigns and provide education on proper water usage, sanitation practices, and hygiene habits to bring sustainable behavior change within the community.

Sustainability: We focus on sustainable solutions that consider the long-term availability of water resources and the maintenance of sanitation facilities is vital for ongoing benefits.

Technology and Innovation: We embrace technology and innovative solutions that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Clean Water and Sanitation projects in rural areas.

"It's not how much we give, but how much we put into giving."