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The Shri Pramod Jhaveri Foundation, also known as Shubh Sparsh, is a non-profit organization established in honour of Late Shri Pramod Jhaveri, a visionary entrepreneur, a dedicated philanthropist and a compassionate soul. The foundation is dedicated to carrying forward his legacy by supporting various charitable initiatives and projects that align with the values and vision of Shri Pramod Jhaveri. Shri Pramod Jhaveri values remain at the core of our efforts, driving us to make a positive impact on the world just as he did during his lifetime.
The Foundation is dedicated to conducting charitable activities based on the principle of the five elements of nature, known as Panchatatva. With a vision of fostering positive impact in the society, the foundation strives to create a harmonious balance between these elements to promote overall well-being and sustainability.

The Foundation embraces the philosophy that the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space – are interconnected and vital for the existence of life on Earth. Our initiatives are designed to address various social, environmental, and humanitarian challenges by drawing inspiration from these elemental principles. Through a holistic approach, the foundation aims to bring positive changes in the lives of those in need, while also promoting awareness about the significance of maintaining a sustainable relationship with nature.

Supported by a passionate team of volunteers and philanthropists, Shri Pramod Jhaveri Foundation endeavors to create meaningful impact through innovative projects and partnerships. By leveraging the power of the five elements, the organization seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and interconnectedness among individuals, encouraging them to contribute towards a better and more compassionate world.Overall, Shubh Sparsh’s dedication to the Panchatatva principle and its commitment to making a difference through charitable initiatives make it a commendable force in the realm of social welfare and environmental stewardship.

Our Core Values

Our actions and decisions are guided by the core values -SHUBH

Social Responsibility: We are committed to serving the community with dedication and compassion, striving to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Humanity: We believe in the inherent value and dignity of every individual. Our actions are guided by empathy, respect and a deep understanding of human rights.

Unity: We foster a sense of togetherness and collaboration, recognizing that by working as a team, we can achieve greater outcomes for the communities we serve.

Belonginess: We create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected and welcomed, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Hope: We instill hope and inspire optimism, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

What We Do

SHUBH SPARSH focuses mainly on five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) inspired by the five elements of nature. These goals are designed to promote environmental sustainability and social well-being.
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